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Kowloon Hong Kong Restaurants

There are sorts of different industrial businesses but the times have changed and they have changed dramatically. Over the past decade the industrial sector of Hong Kong has become a booming residential area and now houses the best cuisine establishments in the entire area. As a matter of fact one can say that if you go to Kowloon, Hong Kong restaurants will be the very first major attraction you will find yourself coming back to time and time again. There are mostly two major types of cuisine you will find in the Kowloon area: Cantonese dishes and the famous Chiu Chow cuisine. Here is a quick but in-depth look at them both and how they differ from one another.

Understanding Cantonese Food

When people think of Chinese food it is usually Cantonese food that really pops into their head. Cantonese food mostly centers on a lot of different kinds of seafood. In most seafood restaurants that focus on Cantonese meals you can expect to dine on the freshest catch. This is because you will get to pick the fish you will dine on as they still swim well and alive in the fish tanks. The amount of money you pay depends on the tael, which is a Chinese measurement unit approximately equivalent to 1.2 ounces. You’ll be able to dine on fish, scallops, conpoy, and abalone. Then there are the dim sum dishes. Dim sum is a type of Cantonese dumpling, usually mixing in shrimp meat or fish meat. You’ll get three to four dumplings per serving and you can add additional seasoning like soy sauce, vinegar, pepper and spices.

Knowing Chiu Chow Food

Chiu Chow on the other hand focuses primarily on poultry. The dishes originated from the Guangdong province of China and are actually light dishes. These meals are heavily accompanied with fancy arrangements of vegetables. You’ll find the best Chiu Chow chefs in Kowloon, Hong Kong restaurants designing everything from dragons to flowers using regular vegetables. The vegetables can be consumed but the real purpose why they are included is to give more emphasis to the poultry, giving it more essence in relation to its philosophical meaning. Most of the time, these dishes are accompanied by excellent sauces and very small but highly influential side dishes like soups and other dishes that are meant to accentuate the taste of the actual poultry meal.

Kowloon, Hong Kong

With the majority of the best chefs now residing and working in Kowloon, Hong Kong restaurants have boomed and have evolved into the main attraction of the district. Just walk down Nga Tsin Long Road, Prince Edward Road, Lung Kong Road, or Fuk Lo Tsun Road and you’ll find dozens of different small restaurants or cafes. They all offer the very best meals for an affordable price. If you have plans to visit Hong Kong and you want to truly try the very best of Chinese cuisine then there is no other place to go then the Kowloon district.